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So, you’ve just been involved in a car accident. What next? Immediate reactions can run from confusion as to what happened, anger at why it happened, or even pain from the impact of the collision.  Times like these, it can be difficult to process your thoughts or focus after the ensuing chaos and disorientation.  No worries, The Law Offices of Vincent Van Ho, P.C., created a quick checklist for everything you need to check out.

  1. Check yourself for injuries. If you’re injured, you need to call 911 or ask someone near you to do so. In fact, most states require you to report a collision if it involves a death, an injury, or enough damage to your vehicles making it difficult to operate.
  2. Check on others’ injuries. If you’re okay to move, check on the passengers in your vehicle as well as the other persons around you. If anyone else is injured, get on the phone with 911 and report the collision before relocating to a safer space, away from danger.
  3. Check on the other’s information. After confirming any immediate injuries, exchange contact and insurance information with the other drivers. You will want to know their full name, their insurance company and policy number, their drivers license and license plate, as well as the make, model, and color of their vehicle. The easiest method is capturing as much information on photos or videos as possible.
  4. Check to make sure assistance is arriving. You will need to make sure that a responding officer or emergency crew is arriving and how long it may take. Once they arrive, be sure to document the collision with a collision report identifying the location of the accident and the names of any officers, and witnesses. Be sure to ask for a copy of the report before they leave.

Be sure to get as much information as possible.  If you have any follow up questions or need assistance after the accident do not hesitate to contact The Law Offices of Vincent Van Ho.  We can help you seek medical attention for your injuries and get you back compensated for the injuries you may have sustained.  Don’t get angry, get us!