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Business Law


Starting your business can be a rewarding yet difficult task. There are certain things to consider such as proper filing procedures, tax concerns, responsible individuals, avoiding liabilities, as well as the overall structure of how the corporation shall be ran and managed. For a relatively small flat fee, the Law Office of Vincent Van Ho can provide you the peace of mind that the intricate steps prior to, and during the startup of your business are properly fulfilled so that you may focus your attention to the building of your business.

Our Incorporation services include:

  • Preliminary research into the availability of your business’s name
  • Personal filing of your Articles of Incorporation
  • Drafting personalized bylaws fitting your company’s needs and direction
  • Drafting the Minutes of the First Meeting of Board of Directors


Whether it assisting your business in drafting employer-employee protocols, business consulting, employment agreements, or severance agreements, the Law Office of Vincent Van Ho can provide practical legal counseling in ways to understand and comply with various California and federal laws that affect your company. We work hard to understand your business situation and implement cost effective planning to avoid potential issues in the future. Our legal counseling has been proven to prevent litigation and resolving issues in an effective and efficient manner.

Alternatively, our office is experienced in litigating claims from both employers and employees in state and federal courts.


No matter the amount of goodwill that comes before a contract is signed, the ultimate reality is that sometimes an agreement will fall apart for a multitude of reasons. The Law Office of Vincent Van Ho recognizes that when these situations occur, fast and zealous representation is needed to combat these breaks in an agreement. Our law firm employs a multitude of approaches to getting the profits you have lost out on as a result of a party’s breach.

The Law Office of Vincent Van Ho may be able to assist you in the complex and taxing process of a contract dispute. With the help of our professionals, we will work to eliminate any potential issues that comes about prior to, during, and after litigation occurs. From the initial demand to the final collection process, our office ensures that your needs will be met with quick, aggressive, and vigorous representation on your behalf.

The Law Office of Vincent Van Ho is a dedicated and knowledgeable law firm, with experience in helping clients reach favorable outcomes in their business matter. Whether you are a sole proprietor, partnership, corporation, or llc entity, we can help meet your goals.

Fast and affordable assistance is within your reach by contacting Law Office of Vincent Van Ho by e-mail at [email protected], or by phone at (916) 504-2672.